Meet Our Staff

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Kristin Lashoto

Kristin Ann LaShoto, has twenty years experience in Policing, Investigations and Security.  Her extensive training is includes defensive tactics, kempo karate, tai chi, and non-verbal communication.  After a career ending injury,  Kristin designed and delivered her mindful self defense program, D.Y.A.T.A. (Defend Yourself Against The Aggressor.)  In addition to instructing on personal protection, Kristin has explored many areas of spirituality.  With her previous study of REIKI and meditation, she felt the importance of wanting to give back to community as a whole.  The ability to incorporate a positive mindset, and wellness into people’s everyday life is of the utmost importance to her.  Blending methods and techniques of mindfulness brings the culmination of wholeness to one’s being.  Kristin is the Marketing Director and Studio Manager for Center Wellness.   

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Judy Bousquin

Judy Bousquin, of Healing & Renewal in Stoneham, MA, is a teacher of meditation, Reiki and yoga who offers a range of workshops and services in these time honored practices. Aside from every-day treatment sessions and classes, Judy reaches out to local communities educating and sharing the benefits and joys of meditation, Reiki and yoga. The root of Judy’s passion lay in her desire for individuals to become fully engaged in their personal and healing journey.  Judy also serves as Board Chair for Celebration of Reiki, Inc., an educational non-profit organization. In her spare time, Judy offers her services to the guests at Women’s Lunch Place in Boston, and to veterans via Project New Hope. To reach Judy, write or call her at or 781-572-4058; Judy’s website is    We are happy to have Judy at Center Wellness sharing her light as a yoga and meditation teacher.

Paul and Rosalie DiCrescenzo

Paul and Rosalie DiCrescenzo have been martial arts practitioners since 1977, and have been training/teaching Chinese martial arts for the last 19 years. They are both private students of Master Zhong Xue Chao, former head instructor of the Wudang Mountain Taoist Kungfu Academy, and are two of Master Zhong’s authorized instructors here in America.  In addition to being martial artists, they both are Reiki Master Teachers, currently teaching Reiki Level I, II, & III classes privately, formerly teaching Reiki Level I & II classes for CEU credit at Winchester Hospital. Their Reiki clinical work has included working with acute needs and cancer patients at the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center and working with acute needs patients in the emergency department at Winchester Hospital.

Alix Lavaud

Alix Lavaud has been training Martial Arts for over 45 years and is a master of Modern Arnis, Pien San Wing Chun Kung Fu, and has extensive training in Small Circle Jujitsu.  He also humbly owns the rank of Lakan Apat (a 4th degree BLACKBELT ).   Alix currently teaches  Modern Arnis at Center Wellness every Tuesday night, 8 to 10pm.

Fabienne Jeanniton

My name is Fabienne Jeanniton, and Fab Afro Caribbean Dance Fitness was created simply out of love and passion for dancing and in doing so, a way to a healthier lifestyle. 
You do not have to be a dancer to join in the fun, you can expect a fun filled hour that'll get your heart pumping to the rhythm of Afro/Caribbean music.

My class can be healing and therapeutic way to break the weekly stress!!! ;)

We do encourage that you bring a colorful scarf if you have one, as I will take you on a journey into the Caribbeans through a combination of exotic dance movements.

Sandy Nagler

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I have been an athlete my whole life.  I have always, always been active. I have also frequently been injured. Some of these injuries have been minor and several have been major requiring surgery.  I have had four major knee surgeries and two major shoulder surgeries, which have altered but never ruined my passion or desire to compete.

I first started playing around with yoga in 2001, shortly after my second daughter was born. However, I didn’t develop a consistent practice until after my mother’s death. I needed something, somewhere that I could not only exercise my body but also my mind. Thus began my yoga journey and my yoga practice in earnest.  Even before YTT, I was helping and encouraging other yogis in my various yoga classes. As a physician, I am fully grounded in prevention. As a yoga instructor, I am excited to help others physically, mentally and even spiritually as they grow their individual yoga practices on and off their mats.

See you on your mat.

Ohm and out.



Daniel Oslowski

Salutations! Exercise is my extraordinary passion.  It makes me feel amazing, jovial, and focused.

I originate from Worcester Massachusetts and education and sports have always been a focus of mine.I studied microbiology at UMASS Amherst, earned Bachelors and Masters degrees, and had a paper published in the Journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology for my research. Unfortunately, I then developed a severe case of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and a physical digestive condition that caused significant weight loss (205lbs to 145lbs), depression, and lethargy. I believe the root of these ailments were stress from work overload, improper diet and inconsistent exercise. 

I had successful surgery for my digestive woes and enrolled in Northeastern University’s Biotechnology Master’s Program.  I was then unexpectedly forced to take a medical leave due to post surgery complications.  I was devastated and ultimately decided to leave science.  I made an oath to prioritize health in order to make my life possible again. 

Enter the reintegration of fitness into my life: I exercised and formulated my own diet plan and, today, I am cured and in the best health condition ever. Truly, this is an amazing blessing and I am now dedicated to sharing my fitness and health knowledge.  I have Personal Fitness Training Certification and offer Intensity Recreational Training (IRT). I love to teach, motivate and form connections with people.  This part of my life is a dream come true.  Presently, I’m experimenting & continuing to learn about my body.  I train in numerous fitness techniques and methods to maximize my frame.  My curiosity, eclectic background and current exercise practices have morphed into IRT and I hope to share it with you.  Thanks for reading… Let’s get to IRT!

Sherri Breen

Sheri Breen, E-RYT 500, is a yoga/meditation teacher & healing arts practitioner who has also worked in the mental health field for over 18 years.  She grew up exploring sound & movement and was exposed to yoga, meditation, Reiki & crystals in her teens/earlytwenties. Sher is a ceritified Prana Vinyasa & Kundalini yoga teacher and has completed additional trainings in hatha, restorative, yin & trauma sensitive yoga. She is also a Level I iRest (yoga nidra) Teacher-in-Training, Usui Holy Fire & Lightarian Reiki Master.  Sheri has studied crystals with Kathleen Jackson & Naisha Ahsian.  She is studying sound therapy with Mitch Nur through 9 Ways Academia. Sheri offers classes, workshops and teacher training modules in yoga/meditaiton along with private elemental energy work sessions (Reiki, sound & crystal work).

Sally Palmer

Revive Mindfulness, LLC

Sally Palmer, B.A., is a Mindful Stress Reduction Educator and Coach.  She has been a mindfulness practitioner since 2013.  Sally enrolled in the University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Mindfulness in Health Care, Medicine and Society in 2013.  The program is based in the work of Jon-Kabat Zinn, Ph.D and his work at the Stress Reduction Clinic which has evolved as a complementary medicine.  She completed a clinical practicum and has been teaching children through adults in various schools and community settings around Boston.  Sally holds a Certificate from Mindful Schools, CA to teach curriculum for grades K-12 and the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY in Mindful Compassion and Self Compassion.

Sally has developed a stress reduction program that enables participants to learn how to recognize their stress, coping mechanisms and behaviors.  Participants learn simple exercises and, with regular practice, one can experience calm, reduce feelings of stress nd anxiety and reduce pain.  Her goal is to enhance emotional well being with the encouragement of "living in the present moment" with a positive state of mind.