Feminine Yoga ~ Natasha teaches this class designed to help women to open their own flow of energy, to align with their own body’s wisdom and live freer, fully present and pleasurable lives.  All levels welcome.

Class runs every Monday night in June from 7:00 to 8:15.  Taught by Natasha Chapala.

Arnis / Mixed Martial Arts ~ Sifu Alix brings his expertise and passion to this class for all levels. This special blend of martial arts incorporates energy, movement and self-defense.   Instruction includes the fundamentals of Modern Arnis, Wing Chun Kung Fu and Small Circle Ju Jitsu.  Modern Arnis is a system of Filipino fighting arts founded by Remy Presas as a self-defense system.  Wing Chun (traditional Chinese: 詠春) is a traditional Southern Chinese Kung fu martial art specializing in close range combat.  Small Circle Jujitsu is a style of jujutsu developed by Wally Jay that focuses on employing dual simultaneous push/pull actions and smooth transitions.  

Class runs every Tuesday night from 8:00 to 10:00 pm.  Taught by Alix Lavaud.

Belly Dancing ~ Dorothea says, "Oh Yes You Could!!"  Join this dynamic class to learn belly dancing basics!  Reduce stress and create more  joy in your life.  Belly dancing is a fun way to trim and tone, improve your posture and flexibility while enhancing poise, grace and self-confidence.  Woman of ALL ages enjoy and benefit from belly-dancing.

Class runs every Tuesday night from 6:30 to 7:45 pm.  Taught by Dorothea O'Regan.

 Email Dorothea for information and registration: dorothea.oregan@gmail.com