Speciality Series and Event Descriptions

Sorry, free passes can not be used for speciality series and events... only for member classes.

To register, please scroll down and sign up on the corresponding link below each series and events description.

Community Open Art Studio ~ Erika facilitates this studio.  

Art making and the creative process will be explored by… making art!  Please leave your self-critic at home as we work to rediscover the art we all innately loved making as children.  Human drawing development typically ends in pre-adolescence when we decide and / or are told that what we make isn’t “good enough.”  Nonsense.  We will come together and individually explore materials in a safe and fun setting.  Pastels, paint, found object assemblage, collage materials, paper, plaster, beads, markers, crayons: come discover what you like.  All supplies are included with the exception of canvases.  Some will be available to purchase if desired; none are needed to create a lasting art piece.  The group leader will be making art as well, but is available for any and all technical assistance…

This will be scheduled on the first and third Friday of each month starting 10/6/17.  Please email with interest until the tab is up... 

New Moms’ Support Group ~ Rachael facilitates this newly-forming social group.  We recognize becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest joys, but this new phase in life is also a huge transition.  New moms can be an essential resources to one another.  Come make those connections and build a strong, caring community.  Come join us in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment as we explore the excitement, the stress, the milestones, and the moans of motherhood.  This group is intended for mothers with babies ages 0-4 months.   We look forward to sharing this journey with you and your child!

Personal Growth MeetUps ~ Heather and other guest speakers collaborate to host these informative and experiential meetings.  The group focuses on one theme each evening, and covers transformational topics such as stress management, spiritual development, conscious creation, manifestation, sensing and managing energy, authentic communication, life balance, compassion and more.  An eclectic mix of philosophies and life-skill techniques are presented, practiced and discussed.  These meetings are for people interested in continual evolution throughout life. Come engage with new ideas, and deepen you.

Second-Time Moms’ Group ~ Rachael facilitates this group intended for moms with babies ages 0-6 months and their older sibling.  At this stage you love having a new addition, but fear the chaos it brings. Help support each other as we share experiences, discuss strategies, and celebrate successes together.  We will discuss the changing family dynamics, sleep issues, relationships with partners, managing expectations and more.  There will be plenty of time for questions and for socialization with others who understand just what you’re going through. We look forward to being with you during this exciting time!