Speciality Series and Event Descriptions

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Basic Tai Chi ~ Paul and Rosalie teach the basic moves and techniques from the birthplace of Tai Chi, China’s famed Wudang Mountain.  This course is suitable for those new to Tai Chi / Qigong as well as those with previous experience in other styles.  Each class includes a warm up with stretching, instruction on basic techniques, and practice with movement forms.  Students will be taught flowing movements, which increase balance, stability, and the life force energy known as “Qi”.  Benefits of this moving meditation include enhanced mindfulness, stress reduction, increased sensory and body awareness, as well as structural muscle development.

Health & Nutrition Seminars ~ Come meet with Julia and learn more about how to fuel your body for radiant energy and vibrant health.  Each week we will explore a new topic involving food, digestion, and the biology of assimilation.  This seminar is open to everyone!  

Kids/Youth Yoga & Mindfulness ~ Shannon gathers children’s interest and engagement during this fun and friendly class.  This 4-week series gives kids a safe place to explore, develop and interact with themselves.  With a combination of yoga, music, meditation and restoration, this class is geared to touch many aspects of holistic health.  We will be implementing techniques, such as breathing, that kids can use in and out of the classroom.  Our goal is to playfully build a secure sense of inner wellness and confidence to buffer against daily stress and life demands.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction ~ Sally Palmer, A Mindful Educator and owner of Revive Mindfulness, hosts this wellness opportunity.  In this 8-week interactive workshop, we will explore and practice mindful exercises and strategies that can be used to achieve balance in our daily lives.  Participants will become more aware of their stressors, and how to respond in a more constructive way.  Mindful practices bring relaxation, calm and peace to our fast-paced lives.  Research shows the benefits of regular practice are robust.  Mindfulness has proven to be helpful in reducing anxiety, depression and pain.  Take this step towards more well-being.  Participants will be provided with resources, practice, and support throughout this 8-week workshop.  Sign up early for a significant Center Wellness discount!

New Moms’ Support Group ~ Rachael facilitates this newly-forming social group.  We recognize becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest joys, but this new phase in life is also a huge transition.  New moms can be an essential resources to one another.  Come make those connections and build a strong, caring community.  Come join us in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment as we explore the excitement, the stress, the milestones, and the moans of motherhood.  This group is intended for mothers with babies ages 0-4 months.   We look forward to sharing this journey with you and your child!

Personal Growth MeetUps ~ Heather and other guest speakers collaborate to host these informative and experiential meetings.  The group focuses on one theme each evening, and covers transformational topics such as stress management, spiritual development, conscious creation, manifestation, sensing and managing energy, authentic communication, life balance, compassion and more.  An eclectic mix of philosophies and life-skill techniques are presented, practiced and discussed.  These meetings are for people interested in continual evolution throughout life. Come engage with new ideas, and deepen you.

Second-Time Moms’ Group ~ Rachael facilitates this group intended for moms with babies ages 0-6 months and their older sibling.  At this stage you love having a new addition, but fear the chaos it brings. Help support each other as we share experiences, discuss strategies, and celebrate successes together.  We will discuss the changing family dynamics, sleep issues, relationships with partners, managing expectations and more.  There will be plenty of time for questions and for socialization with others who understand just what you’re going through. We look forward to being with you during this exciting time!

Introduction to Meditation ~ Sherri facilitates this introductory class on Sunday, September 17th from 9 to 12.  Meditation is an avenue for learning skills to manage stress, for in depth self-inquiry and to gain deeper insight to how you operate on a day to day basis. We know that meditation practices have multiple health benefits and can greatly impact our concentration and ability to focus. In this workshop, you will learn a bit about the history of meditation, get clarity on the different schools and types of techniques (such as mindfulness) and explore the basic skills of learning how to meditate. This workshop will include several mini meditation practices that are accessible to all. You will leave learning a few techniques that you can explore on your own.

This workshop is ideal for those who:
-are curious and don't know where to begin
-have tried researching meditation online and find the amount of information to be overwhelming and confusing
-use apps or online resources for meditation but have never attended an in person meditation
-who are looking to reconnect back to a meditation practice or connect to like-minded individuals
-find maintaining a meditation practice to be challenging

Sonic Vibrations: A Meditation Sound Journey ~ Sherri facilitates this incredible event.  Sound is a medium has been used in meditation and ceremonial practices across cultures and time. It has the capacity to shift our perception, to impact our nervous system, to change our neurological workings. Sound is something creates vibrations we can sometimes feel, impacting our experience of sound even more. We start with setting an intention for our exploration and a breathing practice to help clear and center. For this experience, you can lie down, get comfortable and are given some guidance on how to engage in the art of listening to impact your meditation experience. You are then immersed in sound through gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls and other instruments to take you on a journey. Each journey is different and will give you the opportunity to diver deeper into meditation, self inquiry and the other offerings of sound. Attendees are encouraged to bring anything they need to rest comfortably (yoga mats, blankets, pillows,etc.)

Authentic Relating Night With Seth Monk ~ Let’s cut the small talk and connect on a human level! Authentic relating games promote understanding of one’s own mental and emotional world. The group setting helps us simultaneously learn how to communicate our reality, while also reflecting on the experiences of those around us. Join us for a fun night of self-exploration, guided interaction and community-building at this dynamic event, led by Seth Monk. Bring a sense of adventure and willingness to be seen, as we will walk, talk, and maybe even dance into deeper communion with ourselves and communication with those around us. This special night of authentic relating is $25.

Group Siddah Event With Seth Monk ~Join us for a powerful evening with Seth Monk, who will present practices from ancient lineages for our modern-day benefit. Seth is a former Buddhist monk, visiting for a night of spiritual inspiration and rejuvenation. Siddha healings are a non-contact means of bringing in multidimensional energy by using crystal mandala, sacred geometrical layouts, spirit guides and journey work. This evening is designed to shift personal energies, remove blockages, open channels, and bring relief from physical, mental, and emotional duress. Please bring personal yoga mat, blanket, water, eye pillow etc. to make yourself comfortable. This special Siddah evening is $30 per person.