Afro-Caribbean Dance ~ Fabienne shares her passion for dancing as an easy way to step into a healthier lifestyle. You can expect a fun-filled hour that'll get your heart pumping to the inviting rhythms of Afro/Caribbean music. Through a combination of simple yet exotic movements, this class is a therapeutic way to melt away weekly stress in a party-like atmosphere. All levels are welcome, so come join the fun . 

Arnis / Mixed Martial Arts ~ Master Alix brings his expertise and passion to this class for all levels. This special blend of martial arts incorporates energy, movement and self-defense. 

Belly Dancing ~ Dorothea leads the troop, teaching new movements in an easy to learn choreography. This belly dancing class welcomes all women, of all age groups, of all backgrounds, and all fitness levels. Learning these moves and techniques is exciting, and a great way to trim and tone. You will learn new dances while enhancing poise, grace, self-esteem and confidence. Come join us whether you are looking for a creative addition to your workouts, enjoy dancing as a recreational hobby or aspire to perform. 

Beginners' Yoga with Meditation ~ All Levels Welcome! Judy designed this class for beginner yoga practitioners, those who are re-beginning their yoga practice and also for long time yogis who would like to review the basics. Enjoy a gentle practice to strengthen, stretch and soften your body and mind. After an hour of physical practice, each class will include a 15 minute period of guided and silent meditation.

Lunchtime Guided Meditation ~ Meditation is not a mystery; it is an accessible self-care tool. Judy invites you to take a break mid-day to refresh and reboot. In our busy world, meditation helps us pay attention to our breath, our thoughts and our being. Rediscover your capacity to find stillness internally, and learn how to live moment to moment in mindful awareness. A daily meditation practice can help us think better, have more energy and live in alignment with our values. 

Mindful Yoga ~ Sandy and Shannon guide you to stretch, strengthen, detoxify and exhilarate your body and mind with this practice. Power yoga emphasizes flow of movement, balance, core stability and alignment. This class is based on physical postures (asanas), deep breathing and listening to the body. 

Kids/Youth Yoga & Mindfulness ~ Shannon gathers children’s interest and engagement during this fun and friendly class.  This class offers kids a safe place to explore, develop and interact with themselves.  With a combination of yoga, music, meditation and restoration, this teaching is geared to touch many aspects of holistic health.  We will be implementing techniques, such as breathing, that kids can use in and out of the classroom.  Our goal is to playfully build a secure sense of inner wellness and confidence to buffer against daily stress and life demands.

Morning Mindfulness with Heather~ Heather helps s tart your day on a positive and vibrant note with this trifecta class, which focuses on integrating body, mind and heart. The class begins with gentle stretching and tapping movements while focusing on the breath. Once the body has been energized, the focus shifts to guided meditation and heart-centered reflection. These exercises promote peacefulness and connection. 

Morning Mindfulness with Marissa ~ Do you ever feel like you're just going through the motions day after day? Have you ever looked up from your screen just to realize you don't know where the day went? Of course! We all have, but we don't have to. In this class, Marissa will lead you through some mindfulness and gratitude activities to help you start your day feeling connected, energized, and at ease. Class will start with some gentle movements to help you settle into your body followed by some guided or freestyle mindful activities and gratitude activities, and closing with some final gentle movements to really get your energy flowing for the day. Class is designed to help you release stress and connect with yourself and your experiences throughout the day. 

Parents of Picky Eaters Support Group ~ Picky eating is a stage that many many children go through and it's stressful and frustrating to parents and children alike. The weekly support group will provide you with the opportunity to share your frustrations and successes with fellow parents in the same both with the input and guidance of a certified health coach. 

Wudang Five Animal Qigong  ~ Erika teaches this all level class.  

Qigong (“chee-gong”) is a Chinese practice of sequential movements with the goal of increasing vital energy and health.  This gentle class is intended to introduce the five animals movements as developed at Wudang Mountain in China.  Over hundreds of years Ancient Wudang Monks have developed this internal practice that includes five short forms based on different animals: turtle, crane, snake, tiger and dragon.  Please join us in experiencing this life-changing practice.  No experience necessary except a willingness to learn and try something new.  You will leave feeling fueled.

We ask that you please pre-register for the classes you would like to attend so we can be respectful of our practitioners' time.