About Our Staff:

Erika Lally, LMHC, ATR-BC

Erika is a trauma therapist with over twenty years of experience working with children and adults across multiple settings.  She is the owner of Center Psychotherapy and Center Wellness.   Erika's personal experience as a visual artist and practitioner of body-based arts such as yoga, kungfu, tai chi, arnis and qigong is a essential part of her daily life.  She wants others to experience the joy and wellness that happens during healthy movement, connection with breath and embodied art expression.  She started Center Wellness for this reason.


Alix Lavaud

Alix  has been training Martial Arts for over 45 years and is a master of Modern Arnis, Pien San Wing Chun Kung Fu, and has extensive training in Small Circle Jujitsu.  He also humbly owns the rank of Lakan Apat (a 4th degree BLACKBELT).  

Alix brings his considerable expertise and humor to his classes.  


Dorothea O'Regan

Dorothea is the Artistic Director of CHAKRA Belly Dance Troupe &  a Choreographer/Costumer/Dance Events Producer.  She is also a Certified Hospital-Trained Hypnotherapist, a Certified Facilitator of Stress Reduction & Stress Management Seminars and a Certified, a Registered Member of The American Board of Hypnotherapy and a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher - Usui Tradition.  

A few of her daily affirmations are: 

“I easily create an environment, physically-mentally-emotionally-spiritually, that is powerful and supportive within which people can dare to dream their big dreams and achieve them triumphantly".

"I easily help others to achieve and therefore I achieve also".

"I joyfully thrive by living a life that matters to me and gives back
to the world".


Natasha Chapala

tree (2).jpg

I teach gentle flowing classes where women can tune into their feelings and emotions, enjoy and appreciate their bodies, release muscle tension and learn to value their beauty and sensitivity. I teach private and small classes, implementing music, some incense, candles, and short meditations. It’s a safe space for inner healing and rejuvenating experiences, where we breathe, stretch, explore our body’s flexibility and strength, finding balance of feminine/masculine in us, connecting to Earth, bringing together all our parts and finding Whole.

I graduated 500 YTT at Yogaworks NYC, which is a blend of 3 different yoga styles, along with a six month apprentinceship with therapeutic and restorative yoga trainings. I also learned Shivananda yoga at their ashram in Bahamas. I weave it all into my practice and teaching of Hatha yoga (Ha - Sun and tha - Moon) - yoga of balance and sensual mind-body connection. 

Angela Sokolova

"If you get better, the world gets better" - is the motto Angela proposes!


Angela is a certified QiGong Instructor and became a member of the Tai Chi and Qi Gong Healing Institute in 2010. Since 2002, Angela has been studying and practicing QiGong with different QiGong masters, during her year long teacher/healing training in Arizona, she learned QiGong massage and energy work. 

Angela is board certified in humanistic alternative psychology through the American Institute of Holistic Health and Wellness in 2007 and certified in The Art of Natural Breathing - which she incorporates in all her modalities as she believes breath is the key for healing. She is passionate about helping people and easing the suffering of those going through tough times. She has also taught Power Brain Yoga for children and worked at a school for teens with traumatic life experiences and addictions. 

Angela is passionate about making people happier, creating an environment in which people are able to relax into being themselves. Angela Sokolova has her private practice of holistic health coaching and healing in Reading, MA.