About Our Staff:

Erika Lally, LMHC, ATR-BC, is a trauma therapist with over twenty years of experience working with children and adults across multiple settings.  She is the owner of Center Psychotherapy and Center Wellness.   Erika's personal experience as a visual artist and practitioner of body-based arts such as yoga, kungfu, tai chi, arnis and qigong is a essential part of her daily life.  She wants others to experience the joy and wellness that happens during healthy movement, connection with breath and embodied art expression.  She started Center Wellness for this reason.

Heather Josephson, MS, PhD is a life-long learner.  "Dr. J" served as the founding director of Education Stations In the Melrose Public School system for the past nine years.  She now consults in the Metro-West area for Applied Behavioral Associates, and will be starting her own private practice in the Melrose/Wakefield area in March.  Heather has over twenty years of applied experience working with children, families, school systems and private clients.  Her playfully curious approach helps herself, and others, embrace positive new modes of being.  Heather is a founding partner in Center Wellness, where she enjoys teaching, collaborating and working with private clients.  

Regina Gibbons, MBA, M.Ac. 

Twenty five years ago my soul whispered, “If I keep doing what I’m doing, I’m just going to shrivel up and die.”   The last two decades have been the most vibrant years of my life.   Immersed in Traditional East Asian medicine, partnered with incredibly talented teachers, practitioners and scientists has me dancing along my growth edge daily.   Now, I am literally dancing!

“Qi Gong A-Go-Go” is what my soul whispered to me this year.   This playful expression of my twenty years of Tai Chi practice set to contemporary music invites all bodies to reclaim the deep knowing of our humankindness.    

When I’m not dancing, snowshoeing, biking or kayaking, I am a Clinical Acupuncturist at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. I’ve been teaching Tai Chi and Qi Gong in both clinical and community settings with an emphasis on the evidence-based health benefits for over a decade, serving as a Senior Tai Chi Instructor in a number of Harvard Medical School-based NIH-funded trials evaluating Tai Chi for chronic heart failure, osteopenic women, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, as well as for its effects on frailty in elderly adults. So, yes, I’m a geek, too!

Alix Lavaud, Alix Lavaud has been training Martial Arts for over 45 years and is a master of Modern Arnis, Pien San Wing Chun Kung Fu, and has extensive training in Small Circle Jujitsu.  He also humbly owns the rank of Lakan Apat (a 4th degree BLACKBELT ).